Thursday, December 8, 2011


The Signs of God are in the SOL And SPIRIT Degrees have a formula of the Sun in the 1x, 60x and 3600x Harmonics. THE GOD CLOCK is the TIMING of the stars, the sun and moon in harmony with our earth cycles. The SOL SIGN that change every 12 hours, while the Spirit signs every 12 Minutes, while the 4th degree of the Sun would be changed every 12 seconds. The third degree of the moon changes every second, and the second changes every minute. This gives us both a local and cosmic reference to our natural timing and movement relative to the main heavenly bodies and our own earth revolution cycle. CELESTIAL ZODIAC: The SOL SIGNS correspond with the Celestial Zodiac which is the signs of the 26,000 Cycle across the mostly northern hemisphere. The recent Cycle of the WHALE is changing to the Winged Eagle Horse, PEGASUS, and entering the Aquarian Age. 2012 is a date monitoring the coming NEW AGE and the union of the Celestial and the Ecliptic cycles, which may not fully appear until 2100 in 100 years when POLARIS becomes the closest apex as our exact North Star. FAVORED PLACES THIS WEEK: 18 CAPRICORN VENUS, MARS 14 VIRGO, MOON 19 GEMINI, SUN 19 SAGITTARIUS PLACES ASIA AND AUSTRALIA for SUN, MARS in AMERICA'S, MOON IN EUROPE AND AFRICA IN MIDDLE EAST, JUPITER IN INDIA.

Monday, August 1, 2011


HURRICANE KATIA appears to be lining up for north course, by next week's Pisces Full Moon, suspect it may be largely out to sea, but heading north, New England from Boston to Maine is it's initial direction.

Another Storm forms September 1 to 4 in between Cuba and Mexico and heads for Texas and Louisiana by this weekend, Moon in Scorpio intensifies and then Sagittarius Moon probably affects the 92 to 95 west longitude line, Houston and Galveston coastline as well as inland and the Mississippi river and delta states.

HURRICANE IRENE: August 22 to August 27 - Hurricane Irene category 3 was announced at 8:15am on Wednesday. This Storm is tracking towards the BAHAMAS and the CAROLINA'S TO NEW YORK/ NEW ENGLAND - The storm after reaching 77 west, begins north direction (fast moving Leo moon) towards New York, with Mercury and JUPITER Retrograde.

ASTROLOGY shows the Cancer Moon conjunct MARS and Square Saturn on Thursday, August 25. The degree positions are 14/15 Cancer Mars and Moon. The cancer 5 degree zone is 75 to 80 degree west longitude. 15 cancer is 77/78 west which puts STORM in agreement with BAHAMAS at 75 to 80 west area. It also put Irene direction to North, up towards Wilmington (78 west)and CAPE HATTERAS, NORTH CAROLINA Friday through Saturday. THURSDAY - Mars squares Saturn on Thursday, probably the most severe day with Hurricane Level highest, mostly out at sea over Bahamas.

WEEKEND AUGUST 26 TO 28 - EAST COAST PASS with HEAVY RAINS in Northeast Coast - NORTH CAROLINA, WASHINGTON, PHILADELPHIA, NEW YORK, NEW ENGLAND - Cancer is the USA Sun Sign (also 14 degree) indicating heavy rain along coast, but most of storm is over water, with the cancer moon of Thursday August 25 into Friday August 26.

WEEKEND The storm finds a trough between the north storm just passed and the Hurricane moving up from the South. Vacuum is filled by the storm surge.
Planets: Mercury and Jupiter are stationary (not moving in relation to Earth).

The Leo Moon of Friday and Saturday highlights northeast United States, New York as possible candidates of weather from both the Northern storm and Irene to follow. By Sunday the Virgo moon with Venus should bring more pleasant overall conditions except for in Long Island to New England, and Moon opposite Neptune by Sunday morning. The Virgo moon with Venus should end the Hurricane force wind levels.

Mercury is in Leo. Jupiter in Taurus. New York is leo/taurus degree. The Leo Moon on Weekend suggests the storm closes to land at New York, a Leo/Taurus spot. The Leo line of 40 Degrees North runs from Long Island to New York City. It also aligns along the New Jersey coast and some of Connecticut. The Virgo spots New England and Boston up to Maine on Sunday/Monday.


Tuesday, May 10, 2011



(data from Astrotheme: September 14, 1983, 10:25 PM Enfield, London)

Amy Winehouse was born of a pharmacist mother and cab driver father who split at age 9. Her grandmother who was close to her and provided her musical recording and inspiration died 4 years before her death of a likely yet to be confirmed drug overdose at age 27 in 2011. A single woman, Winehouse was looking to adopt at the time of her passing, but she was most known for alcohol and drug abuse as well as forms of violent manic depression (Gemini ascendent conjunct node and exactly opposite Neptune near the moon). 27 is the same age of death in London of Jimi Hendrix and a number of other musicians.

Her sun chart shows the conflicted private Virgoan nature and manic Gemini rising, serious and genuinely unhappy woman, and the public Aquarian career and personality. Venus and mars are conjunct in fiery expressive Leo. Winehouse also had the Saturn conjunct Pluto conjunct her sol in Libra, a dramatic and pronounced state of denial and confliction within her soul and her physical life. Her mars conjunct venus in Leo and the Jupiter Uranus in Sagittarius expresses a dramatic fiery and entertainment personality.

The sol chart with Libra sol sun (the lover) reveals a feminine attractive woman with a conflicted but independent emotionally aggressive exhibitionist and dramatically sensitive vulnerable artistic and creative nature. (sun opposite sol rising, moon square sol mc) The primary rising opposite Neptune shows the isolation, estrangement, and addicted or potential abusive personality, perhaps caused by abuse in a past in her present lifetime. A strong Lilith and Midheaven conjunct shows a very strong feminine element and ‘the witch’ at least in her worldly or public persona. I believe her addiction stemmed from birth or in a number of past lifetimes and her genetic inheritance. (node conjunct ascendent opposite moon and Neptune)

She was born in enthusiastic, expressive and excessive Jupiter conjunct Uranus, the same conjunction that repeats every 14 years and in her final year. She was thrown out of private school in her teens and constantly sang, even in class (sol rising to sol mc in aries age 15). The sun in virgo progressed to her sol at age 38 ((midheaven to sol rising at age 36, sol rise to luna at age 40, moon conjunct her mc at age 42). Paneagle suspects her death will have affects through the next decade, and predict it likely she will be reborn to work out unresolved issues and heal this shortened lifetime. The Sol MC had reached her Luna at age 25, her career peak in 2008 with the most triumphant musical night of her career at the 2008 Grammy Awards. In a way we can say she has cut short a career that could have reach untold peaks in the coming 15 years.


The signals go to focused areas are presented and challenging for Astrologers to pick actual occurances, as events, weather, and politics being what they are, a coodination never stops between the universal forces and our personal activity or worldly motivation. But surely, those getting up before sunrise will receive a star reward, to see the visible planets all together.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011



Our hearts go out to New Zealand Quake victims. It is such a shame, a beautiful country of good people.

Recently, Jupiter Pluto are square this week, It brought with it the amazing fall of Libya and Khadafi and Eqypt's leader also - unprecedented events, and the New Zealand quake. (These are 2 examples of different kinds)

Why these places now? STAR GPS LOCATIONS show Mars Mercury and Neptune conjunct in Aquarius would be in the location of the cusp of pisces with Chiron (the wounded healer) at 0 Pisces now at 150 east longitude. 0 ARIES is used also for 180, and Uranus is about to cross this dateline degree. New Zeland is close at 174 east. There is here also 30 degree south (0 pisces using 0 aries on equator) which is near the cyclone hitting Australia north last month. Jupiter degree is 6 aries and pluto is 6 capricorn. There is something along the 30 degree north going on - this is Libya, Eqypt, and Los Angeles (K Bryant wins nba MVP) – The new moon now in Pisces also coming up. Another view has Pisces at 30 east using GMT as 0 Aries. This is Eqypt and Libya zone.

Each major aspect will have good and bad elements to it. I wonder why down under is getting such unusual events? Australia is a Capricorn country (with a lot of Sagittarius I'd say, mate). Would Eqypt or Libya be Aries? Is Morocco another to come. The African nations are going on to freedom now. Begs us to ask, What's next? Freedom (Jupiter ruled) is of course a reason.

Pluto in Capricorn is anti-government sentiment. Jupiter does not like restriction. But what's it all about? The triple conjunct Aquarius is freedom oriented too with Neptune in aquarius as spiritual freedom. Unique events follow. Cannot ignore Chiron entering Pisces in this group not to be denied also.

I suspect money (pluto jupiter is about wealth, power). They moved quick to lock the accounts of Eqypt leader. Oil is big in Libya. The people want their share. If it was democracy, it would seem other ways would have occured to take over like in Russia - they did not kill or sting the leaders, just let them go, if I recall correctly. Its always follow the money. Only those who resist with the military will find the backlash.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011


This new moon in AQUARIUS has the Moon, Sun, and Mars conjunct.

Aquarius is sign of technology - how it caused Eqypt protests is good example, humanity in action. It also relates to Super Bowl, the principal Mars sports event in focus this weekend when moon and aries jupiter conjunct. This year northern winter teams like GB and Pitt are in game. Aquarius is a sign of far north.

Sun and Mars conjunct at 14 aquarius (13 54) - aquarius rules the 150 to 120 zone in the world (using the dateline as 0 Aries - start of the day). Australia and China.

The 60th harmonic sol sun sign of the New Moon is 24 Cancer (*cancer - water, floods, snow, rains, weathering) - This is the unicorn sol sign, the home, family, and security of soul. it means much of being alone or protective, makes the focus of aquarius also to USA which is sun cancer moon aquarius)

The Cancer (Karun* sol sign) is the sign of the USA sun, and also opposite central United States locations opposite capricorn) as storms swept in from north and west of course. It is affecting Australia also(a capricorn country). Capricorn is a northern sign, (area of 45 to 50 north latitude) so with Pluto and node conjunct in Capricorn, and Dallas as site of super bowl and Texas as southern capricorn state affected also. Seemed to be source of south waters meeting the north winds and cold together first in colorado and plains states, then moving east to DC and Boston. It has been a hard winter so far. This new moon with Sol Cancer is opposite the USA Pluto. No wonder Capricorn afflicted north weather. But it also a sign of hope, of unity and coming together, people being at home, secure, and grateful for it and loved ones.

Using new moon - How best to do so is find aquarius house in your chart. find uranus position and sign also. To make the most of AQUARIAN ELEMENTS - as Technology, humanitarian, friendships, worldly, astrology, freedom, independent, innovation, science. Universal. No wonder taking away internet was a big mistake in Eqypt. A very unwise choice. Aquarius tends to make wild unusual choices that can backfire. But a wise well considered choice can go a long way, even way into the heavenly reaches.



BY Paneagle, Sol Astrologer Galactician

Cyclone Yasi is the next in a series of effecting storms coming into Cairns this week. Effects on world crops and supplies of sugar and coal are being threatened. Flooding has been extensive in Brisbane and Queensland on south into New South Wales.

AUSTRALIA is in the area between 150 and 120 degrees (this uses a Star - GPS method (founded by paneagle sol astrology) - As every sign is set around the globe, using 30degrees from the Dateline (going west and backward in signs with Pisces from 180 deg and going west to the aquarian zone) - This is within 30 degrees aquarius at 150 west longitude (includes Pacific islands, New Zealand and Japan) - The new moon and new Year sun, moon, and mars conjunct in Aquarius - 15 aquarius is 135 - central eastern Australia and China is in this zone area.

As for the latitude - AUSTRALIA is between 30 and 60 degree south. Lilith and Pluto are conjunct in the 60th harmonic (and the sun and moon conjunct them on tuesday this week) - this is in the Aries Taurus cusp, which could be aligned from Equator going south to 30 degrees south. - Australia North is in this area. (30 degrees south is 0 taurus)

KARMA AND THE NEW AGE - The Node and Pluto are also conjunct in Capricorn (close enough) to the Birthdate of Australia of January 1 - Pluto has been moving to conjunct Australia sun in the past years within 5 degrees. The neptune semisextile uranus and mutually receptive plays a role in long term weather cycle of this kind.
pisces and aquarius signs. cusp of pisces aquarius is 150 degree longitude, aligned with cyclone development areas. This by the way is the cusp of the new age position and by Star-GPS to the planet relates very much to earth changes and our relationship to it.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011


To Friends, Astrologers and progressive Souls

"Who you truly are is amazing, remarkable, very special, and much more than you know" The ever increasing realization of how wondrous you are never ends. Soul always has more one step to go. And the real deal is You, Soul, a spiritual light, a spark of God.

This new moon and New Year in Aquarius has brought along some interesting events.
* Millions march for freedom in Eqypt caused by government resistance to the Internet
* Monster storms hit both Australia and North America
* Coincidental flooding in South America and Australia last month
* The Volcano Lightning in Japan
* Dallas stadium (site of Super Bowl) Winter Storm and Cold and great public attention.
* Wiki Leaks founder makes his points of information publishing

In the Astrology
Aquarius is the sign of freedom, progress, humanity, space, the universe, and technology.
The sol sign of Aquarius is Pegasus, the Winged Horse. It is traveling in the world of Light
and represents our universal being. This is the sign constellation of the Galactic Zodiac in the coming age period.
* Lilith, Jupiter and Uranus are conjunct (within 10 degrees in Pisces and Aries)
* Sol (Sol Sun), Kronos (Sol Pluto), Sol Lilith, and Moon (Sol Luna) conjunct today, Tuesday, February 1
* Neptune and Uranus mutually receptive semi-sextile in Pisces and Aquarius - the signs of the changing Pisces to Aquarius Age occuring all this past year. (The age is not officially here yet - this is a precursor event)
* Sun and Mars conjunct in Aquarius - fire and light, activism and progression.

We are all more than we know, and all the universe is trying to tell us that.

A dawn (of Age of Aquarius) is still a dawn. The Sun has only begun to rise on (this age of) mankind. It is not to be a victim or defeated. It is to know we survive, and we may thrive
when we strike the spiritual balance of Soul and our Humanity. We individually must know to advance our own lives, and our spirits, with a sense of progress and understanding. Let go of the past and move ahead, not be dependent, and keep the best of truth and goodness within you. This is all in perfect accord with what is.

Who you are is truly amazing. If I could tell you just how amazing, it would still fall short of the truth. But there it is.

Be well, All! From Paneagle, Sol Astrology, Eagle Works, Astro School of Light 2011.

Thursday, January 20, 2011


Natalie Portman was born in Israel on June 9, 1981, 3:42 PM. Her sun is in versatile Gemini and her Moon in hard working Virgo, withy a midheaven in movie making Leo. She has a dark scorpio ascendent that aligns with her role in the Black Swan, a challenging role as a gay woman dancer for which she seems ready to win the Oscar.

Her sol sun is 7 Taurus, another in the many who align with the degree of Southern California and Hollywood. She has a sol moon at 9 cancer, giving her many feminine qualities. She has sol rising in Aquarius as a public figure and actress, and her sol midheaven is 8 Sagittarius, as a person who will travel far and wide in her life. Natalie saw the sun reaches her cancer sol moon in 2008 as a number of important roles came her way. Natalie also has her sol rise form a career peak at age 32 (in 2012) and midheaven of career to her moon at age 33, with Sol to Moon at age 42. Later her rising reaches her midheaven around age 51 and sun to sol moon at age 60 also predicting many exciting roles and awards ahead of her.

Sun: 18°37' Gemini Moon: 19°39' Virgo Ascendant: 11°19' Scorpio Midheaven: 16°08' Léo Metal Rooster Birthpath 7 (info -

Monday, January 3, 2011

ANNE FRANCIS passes the Honey West


Anne Francis starred in honey west TV show 1965/66 and the movie Forbidden Planet 1956. She passed away this Dec 31, 2010. (Her signs are Sun 22 virgo, moon 1can asc 23 libra sol rise 23 aquarius mc 27can solmc 5scorpio sol 26cap luna28cancer)

Francis surely had a sweetly feminine and curvaceous luminous beauty (Sun in Virgo, ascendant Libra, moon in cancer) that took her to child modeling and stardom in movies and television. By age 11 she was on Broadway (progress of ascendant to her Sol Scorpio Midheaven). With her appealing inner heart of Luna (Sol Moon) conjunct her midheaven, she also starred in films by age 26 in 1956 as the (progressed moon to midheaven and sol conjunct her sol rising) in the famous sci-fi movie Forbidden Planet, and followed with other roles until 1961 with the sun to the rising in libra followed by numerous television quest appearances, and finally she notably played Honey West in 1965 on TV as Pluto and Uranus conjunct her sun in Virgo. She is remembered today with fondness (as the moon in Capricorn conjuncts her sol sign) around the world.